Health is just a click away

Today, everything from shopping to banking and paying of bills is processed online. It was only a matter of time when technology was infused in the world of medicine. The idea is a hit and it can be seen by the number who opts for such a medical service. Online medical consultation has become the perfect alternative to the real-time treatment. The transition has been very smooth with patients finding it more convenient to virtually visit the doctor from the comforts of their home rather than make the trip to the clinic.

The experience of an online consultation is extremely complete. The whole navigation process from booking the appointment to getting the medicines delivered to the house is found extremely suitable for most. With a company such as medicinedirect where everything can be found on the same website, it becomes a one-stop medical center that is preferred to a visit to the clinic.

The first advantage that comes to the mind of a patient when looking for a doctor online is that there are many options. While a clinic will have only one neurologist or one psychiatrist, the online medical consultation company will most definitely be associated with many people from the same field. This gives the patient an option to choose as per their personal wish.

Another big boon of having an online forum of doctors to choose from is that you can always get an instant second opinion at the same venue. The files are all available on your portal with the company. All you need to do is approve access to the necessary files and a second doctor can be consulted immediately. There is no time wasted looking for the appropriate clinic or getting a duplicate copy of the reports made.

Many health insurers have included telemedicine services in their portfolio. This is to avoid added costs that will incur both for the patient as well as the company. The cost of a clinic is not inexpensive, to say the least. The expenses incurred by the patient to travel to the clinic and the time spent in queues waiting for the doctor alongside other ill patients can be more pricey than one would imagine.

Thanks to technology, the mode of communication between the doctor and the patient are many. Some patients would be perfectly happy with a text type chat with the doctor to convey details of the ailments. Others would like to have a call or sometimes even a video call if the visual examination is necessary. Usage of this technology has many advantages for both parties. The time saved, especially by the busy doctor is considered to be money saved on many levels. It has become preferable to deliver health advice and care over the internet. This also includes issuing prescriptions and signing off with the pharmacy associated with the company.

Patients gain access to the doctor that they would not have thought possible physically. The time wasted between two patients can be used to consult with an online client making the doctor make productive use of his time. The privacy has also improved along with the communication. The patient need not worry about anyone else seeing him or knowing what he has when he consults with the doctor online.

The doctor-patient confidentiality remains in an online medical consultation company. The medical history of the patient along with the medical needs and the diagnosis made is private and available to the other doctors only after the confirmed consent of the patient. Communication has improved because what cannot be said face to face with a doctor is found easier to type by the patient in a text consultation. If a face to face consultation is required it can be done via video conferencing.

Telemedicine and online medical consultations have proven to be indeed very successful. Real-time consultation along with obtaining advice on various treatment options is done online without any hassle by the patient. The revolution in technology has made it very easy for medical treatment to be received instantly and in a more economical way. The trend is increasing and the overall efficiency has improved dramatically. This is a very exciting alternative to commuting to the clinic. The result is just as successful if not more.